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The Make and Model news section forex broker Malaysia contains all the latest news for the used cars industry as well as special offers on used cars for sale and important company updates.
25 April 2012 | Traffic jams, they usually happened at inopportune moments. You’re either on your way to an event or running late for a meeting. What’s certain is they are an irritation to everyone. At moments like these has the thought “I’d love to just nip down the hard shoulder” ever crossed your mind?

What most of aren’t thinking about at the time are the emergency services or roadside patrols potentially working in the road...
29 February 2012 | Today Maranello unveiled the F12Berlinetta ahead of it's official debut at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. It is being touted as the first in a new generation of Ferrari V12s and wow, what a way to start!!
24 February 2012 | Check out the latest news from James, including a £20m Ferrari, the new BMW M6 and Bentley Continental V8...